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08 July 2008 @ 08:16 pm
[ review ] metal gear solid: snake eater  
game: metal gear solid: snake eater
console: playstation 2
score: 8 / 10

Okay, right this is the very first review I am writing. So be gentle with me ok. I will do my best. And besides this is what I think of the game. And not only what I think but a lot of other people to! Enjoy!

There we go!

PLOT/STORYLINE: ( 9/10 ) The game takes place in the year 1964. You play a man with the code name Naked Snake whom is a spy for FOX. During the virtuous mission you have to save Sokolov from Colonel Volgin. Snake soon finds out that his mentor the boss is defecting to the Soviet Union. The saving mission becomes a failure and Sokolov is forced to finish a nuclear walking tank called the Shagohod. Volgin blows up a base with a nuclear warhead and America has to prove Kruschev that they where not involved! To escape from a nuclear world war Snake is given a new mission; save Sokolov, destroy the Shagohod and eliminate Volgin and his mentor the boss!!

I am not going to spoil anymore from the story. Only that it has a huge plot twisting. It made me cry! The characters from this game are amazing. This game will keep you busy for a while and believe me you'll love it!!

GRAPHICS: ( 9/10 ) This game is quite old now. But I was stunned when I was watching the cutscenes. Believe me if there is a game with great long cutscenes wonderful facial expressions and realistic movement it must be this one. Also the jungle you have to play in is wonderfully done. I never played a game that touched me so much like this one. Believe me this is eye-candy!

MUSIC: ( 8/10 ) The music?? Well nothing much to say! Every music that you'll hear trough playing the game fits. Some of them are not really my type of music. But the music really fits with the occasions. Like when you are in alert mode and you have to hide. Or when you have to get pumped up for a boss battle. Also listen good to the intro song. It's pretty original for a game song.

GAMEPLAY: ( 7/10 ) When you do it right and you play quick you could finish the game in under 5 hours. But on my first playtrough I was busy for 17.43 hours. Though this game has a high gameplay value. Cause when you finish it you are dying to play it again and try out your new weapons and camouflage!!

DIFFICULTY: ( -/10 ) You can make it as hard as you want it yourself. I just recommend people that play the game for the first time to play on very easy. You will get the EZ-gun which you find out will be very helpful. Though when you get a hang of it this game is really entertaining and not that hard.

OVERALL: ( 8/10 ) This game gets an eight out of ten. Which is very good! Though tactical espionage games may not be laid out for everyone. I would recommend this game to everyone out there!!